Lead Melting Process, Equipment & Safety

lead melting

How to melt lead?

Lead is a relatively non reactive post-transition metal. The most common material, leads, is denser and is a heavy metal. Due to its amphoteric nature, a weak metallic character is illustrated. It is doughy and ductile, and the melting point is relatively low. When exposed to air, lead tarnishes to a dull gray color. Again when cuts freshly, it is silvery with a glimpse of blue. The principal ore of lead is known as Galena.

Safety Measures

Always keep in mind that you have to melt lead outside of your living space. Pick a place that is spacious, fire-safe, and dry. Make sure that, the area is spacious because dangerous fumes create when you melt lead. Never melt lead indoors if it connects to living quarters. Infants, children and the elderly are kept outside the melting zone to avoid any health hazards.

Separate heat and equipment are required should only use that in melting lead. Never use this heat source for cooking. Propane burner, handheld kitchen blowtorch, electric pots are generally the required medium to start melting lead.

Process Of Melting The Lead

1. Firstly you need an estimation of how much lead you require by weight. Then you need to add 20% more to the vessel. 75% of the boat should be filled and not any more of that.

2. Next up is applying the heat. Using a handheld torch, you should apply it directly to the vessel until the lead melts completely. Wave the flame back and forth to make it efficient.  If you use a propane burner, set it to high heat under the vessel following the instructions. Melting time is generally 10-15 minutes, depending on the heating medium.

3. Solid bits of materials are going to remain in the molten lead. Skim it with the slotted spoon and discard the solid bits. Notice the medium you are going to toss the solid bits; it should be aluminum.

4. If you want pure lead, you can stir in wax or tea light candles. One or two is enough for this. This step is entirely optional. Only follow this if you want the pure lead.

5. Now turn off the heat source and work fast before the lead cools down. Put the molten lead in a mold of your own choice and cool it for 10-15 minutes.

Melting Lead Safety

Melting lead is a dangerous task and needs extra precaution. There are some basic safety protocols one must follow before melting any kind of lead. Always melt any type of lead outdoors, and in case you have to go indoors, and then choose a separate location. Make sure it stays out of the kitchen and storage. This is a must because this determines a lot of what will happen to your work. Users should melt on the carpet, not in any carpet areas but easier to clean areas. Any kind of food handling can be challenging and complex for this work.

Since a destitute discussion framework can lead to catching fire, it is the final thing that anybody needs. Clients ought to maintain a strategic distance from chewing gums and particularly smoke in softening zones. Maintain a strategic distance from clearing dry floors and utilize shop vacuum with a channel. Our prime counsel is to maintain a strategic distance from using the house vacuum; it’s exceptionally unsafe. Wipe off the range employing a casting dump or any kind of isolated wicker container. Ladies of childbearing age and children must remain absent from lead dissolving rooms and open-air fields.

Ventilation in rooms is better than anything. Because a poor air system can catch fire, it is the last thing anyone wants. Users should avoid chewing gums and especially smoke in melting areas. Rubber gloves and dust masks come in handy when doing this work.  Avoid sweeping dry floors and use a vacuum with a filter. Our excellent advice is to avoid using the house vacuum; it’s hazardous. Wipe off the area using a casting dump or any kind of separate basket. Women of childbearing age and children must stay away from lead melting rooms and outdoor spaces.

Dissolving lead may be a perilous assignment and needs additional safety measures. One must take a few essential security conventions after some time recently softening any kind of lead. In case you’ve got to go inside at that point, select a separate area. Make, beyond any doubt; it remains out of the kitchen and capacity. Typically a must since this decides a part of what will happen to your work. Clients should dissolve on the carpet, not in any carpet regions but more simple to clean zones. Any kind of nourishment dealing with this can be intense and troublesome for this work.

Some Lead Melting Equipment

Melting Pot

We’ve already suggested the best kind of models in our review, such as Lee Lead Melting Pot 90949, Rcbs Lead Melting Pot. Melting pots are necessary for any type of lead melting. There’s always a resistance number that goes along with it. Some go strong, and some go better. Dissolving pots are vital for any kind of lead dissolving. There’s continuously a resistance number that goes alongside it. A few go solid, and a few go superior.


Lead for Molding Lures, and Sinkers are currently famous for defusing lead and anything going. Sinkers mainly help to control or defuse the heat. A standard wood cannot do this because it might catch fire. Some might go very fast, and some might not go at all. Sinkers primarily offer assistance to control or defuse the heat. Ordinary wood cannot do this since it might capture fire. A few might go exceptionally quick, and a few might not go at all. HOT POT 2 – Replacement Element is excellent for lure-making rather than casting bullets.

Molds and ladle

Lead melting needs some additional tools such as lead weight mold, sinker mold, lead ladle, to be specific. The reason a person needs it is because of its dangerous nature. Lead also needs safety clothes such as clothes that don’t let the user breathe lead. Again it is a hazardous product and requires precaution. Sometimes it can cause problems then you can use compound brush and cream for information. Again, there are great choices but choosing a melting pot is very important. We don’t recommend DIY for lead because it needs professional products.

Dissolving needs a few different instruments, such as shape creator and scoops, to be particular. The reason an individual needs it is because of its hazardous nature. Lead moreover needs security clothes such as dresses that do not let the client breathe information. Once more, it could be an unsafe item and requires precaution. Sometimes it can cause issues; at that point, you’ll utilize compound brush and cream for lead. Once more, there are great choices but choosing a softening pot is exceptionally imperative. Casting Release Spray, Clean Clast Flexing Compound should do great for it.

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