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The Six Best Lead Melting Pot Reviews of 2024

Lead is a popular metal for making ammunition, body weights, crystal glass, pigments, and car batteries. Even if a lead is proclaimed toxic, there are many ways to make it worthwhile by melting and reusing. Many people privately make paperweights and other things by molten lead. Industrial and personal lead melting has a big difference, but whatever the process is, melting lead to recreating something new is a must. To melt lead, you just need a pot that has a design to melt metal. Lead melts relatively at low temperatures than other metals.

So, a melting pot for lead should have different qualities than a regular one. If you search up the internet, there’s very little information about lead pots. So, in this review, we’ve brought you the best lead melting pot. From Lee to Rcbs, we’ve reviewed it all.

What to see before buying?

Indeed, there are multiple ways to buy a lead melter on the store and the internet. Despite everything, there are some tips to remember before your rush to buy one, especially the right one.


Different manufacturers have different prices, but suitable quality furnaces start from seventy dollars. They can go up to three hundred dollars. Most pots we’ve reviewed and recommended below are under the budget of two hundred. Traditional and electric pots have different prices. If you want a quality pot, you have to go up to at least a hundred bucks. Cheap pots sometimes cause unstable mixing and tend to bust. You might need other things like mold and gloves; make sure to buy everything before starting any melting work.


Check the details and description of a pot before buying. The user needs to know how the pot functions before buying. Check out if the manufacturer is providing any kind of guarantee or not. Sometimes there are special functions for particular purposes. Look ahead if you don’t understand any action. Suppose you’re having doubts about a mixing pot’s function or benefit. Honestly, it’s good to check out some reviews of old customers for ease. Money-back offers are always better for the safety of your money.


Always read the manual attached to a pot, even if you are an expert or have no knowledge. Pots are different and need different carrying techniques. So, don’t throw the manual away and learn about every part of using the pot ideally. Know your material before you jump to melt.

Proper safety

Home or industrial zones wear a PPE before mixing a metal. Remove any kind 0f impurities from the lead before heating up. If your pot is from iron, then don’t heat it more than two those Fahrenheit. Because mixing both might cause a heavy explosion. If the user is not an expert, don’t use a mixing pot and keep this away from children’s hands. Always keep sand or a fire extinguisher around while doing melting work.

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Now, check out our reviews of the best melting pot below.

Lee Lead Melting Pot 90949

Lee Lead Melting Pot


Molding might go wrong if not paired with a fast furnace. Many manufacturers claim significant results but fail to deliver the promise. So, we consider Lee Precision 90949 Magnum Melter Furnace, as the best lee smelting pot as it has incredible melting quality in less time. It’s a pretty large lead melting pot and we consider this one as the best Bullet casting furnace also.

Highlighted features:

Casts proportionately

Usually, if users need to melt metal in small quantities, an open hearth furnace should do. As Lee Precision 90949 Magnum Melter Furnace has good quality for face-melting, it should be good. Remember, it has a large four inches diameter pot capacity. The furnace doesn’t come with our capability but is for ladle casting.

Melting strength

There’s a 700-watt strength heat going on with the Lee Melter Furnace, along with the fact that it has excellent force capability. Primarily you can use it along with an electric arc furnace. It works great with 110 volts. Unfortunately, it’s not strong enough to melt iron. Indeed, it works very fast when put into the highest temperature.


  • Includes 4 inches diameter pot
  • The capacity of holding 20 pounds of lead
  • It approximately takes 20 minutes to melt
  • Hundred percent lead melts at 621F
  • Great for bullet casting


  • It lacks bottom pour capability.


Lee Production Pot IV

Lee production pot iv


Lee melting pot is a market leader in terms of making the best pocket furnace. If you want a small amount of melting without any hassle, Lee Production Pot IV should be ideal. With its ten pounds lead holding capability, it is a worthy purchase.

Highlighted features:

Smart lever bearing

There’s an intelligent lever that holds up any lead and does casting within fifteen minutes. It comes with Thermostat Knob EM 1135 and Pot Housing EM1692. Take off the valve drip and rotate, then you’ll see a rod back. After opening it with a screwdriver, you’ll notice the health of the furnace.

Symmetrical reflex technology

Heat control is an essential issue while buying any furnace. Unlike Precision 90949, this lead melting pot bottom pour has an EM 1107 quality. The overall height of the melter is 4 inches, and the width is 8 inches. Symmetrical reflex technology makes low current consumption and more heat. So, it takes 500 watts of power only.


  • Can each up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Less energy consumption and only takes 500 watts of electricity to heat-up
  • There’s a 4″ of clearance sot
  • Holds up to 10 pounds of lead
  • The maximum melting time is 20 minutes


  • Mixing water might explode the melter.


Rcbs Lead Melting Pot

Rcbs lead melting pot


Another furnace to look out for is the Rcbs lead melting pot. Now it might not be as up to Lee Precision 90949 Magnum Melter, but it does an excellent job of mixing. Let’s look into its features more to understand its best qualities below.

Highlighted features:

Heavyduty mixing

Rcbs has a capacity of ten pounds for melting any kind of metal. But for mold making or lube products, you need to be more careful. Create different precision bullets for adaptable blending and heavy mixing. We would say it’s more suitable for ammunition. Did you know RCBS has had a reputation for reloading ammo since 1947?

Reload fast

Not many brands offer insulated tongs, but Rcbs makes an exception. It has the capability of fast reloading. Rcbs Iron pot is excellent for melting any metal and will not break before time. Additionally, the pot is 4 inches on the top; the bottom length is three and a half inches at the bottom. For depth, we can say it’s two and a quarter inches.

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  • Holds up to 10 pounds of metal
  • Melts lead within 600+ degrees
  • Heavy-duty pot made from iron
  • Includes insulated pillar for holding
  • Budget-friendly


  • Can’t melt gold


Lyman Lead Melting Pot LY2867795

Lyman lead melting pot


Lyman is a household name when it comes to casting and reloading. For aluminum to lead melting, Lyman lead melting pot ly2867795 is an excellent choice. Let’s look into more about this and jump into its review.

Highlighted features:

Uninterrupted casting

Whenever a user mixes hot alloy, it’s essential to use a unique pot. Lyman’s lead casting pot does excellent work for mixing without any hindrance. The height outside the pot is eight inches inside and four outside. Ultimately it has a ten-pound mixing capacity.


In case you’re wondering, it’s maximum heating capabilities. The answer is it can go up to two thousand Fahrenheit. We would say it’s a fantastic choice for home casting and mixing, but it’s not up to the mark for the industrial level. Remember that it is not a self-heating pot, and you’ll need an extra burner for heating it.


  • It has a capacity of 10 pounds
  • Includes convenient spout for safe pouring
  • It comes with a one-year guarantee.
  • Bullet casting for lead is at 621°F.
  • The dimensions of the pot are 5 x 4.75 x 3.75 inches.


  • Not suitable for industrial casting


Do-It Molds Electric Lead Melting Pot 2

Electric lead melting pot


Melting metal traditionally with a burner can be time-consuming. Although it has benefits of its own, not everyone might prefer it. So, Do-It Molds Hot Pot-2 is a great affordable option as an electric melting pot. Moreover, it is an improved version of Pot 1.

Highlighted features:

Electric pot

Beginners who are new to casting & melting can start with this lead melting hot pot. Moreover, it’s an updated version of the previous one. Hot pot 2 melts lead and pours it very smartly. As it runs from the electricity, you don’t need an additional burner.

Melting voltage

There’s a four lb cast iron pot that requires five hundred watts of electricity. If we talk about the whole dimension, it is three inches by four inches. Also, it comes with a three-foot cord for better performance and voltage holding. You can have metals that have melting points below 620 F or 320C.

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  • Needs 120 Volts AC to heat up properly
  • Cast iron pot has the capacity of 4 lb
  • Includes heat resistant plastic handle for safety measurement
  • Quickly melts any metal point of 624 F
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Not suitable for melting soft plastic due to high temperature.


Cast Master Electric Melting Furnace GG 5000

Lead melting furnace


Our last pick is none other than Cast Master 5 kg Deluxe Kit electric Propane furnace. It works great as a lead Melting furnace, also our team considers this one as the best metal melting furnace because this furnace can melt recycled metal or plastic without making it unusable. Also, it comes along with a kit which makes it suitable for home users and beginners.

Highlighted features:


One of the features which are heavily advertised is its five kg capacity. We admit it’s an excellent feature in a melting pot. But the main attraction of the kit is its kit. From big to small quantities, it can hold up metal very quickly. This leadsmelting pot can melt these effortlessly even if users try working with old cans or copper piper,

Durable & detachable

Preserve energy and stop waste by switching to GG 5K. Save up the waste of your metal project by using its insulated lid. It has a max capacity of 2700°F and also includes an ingot tray.


  • It has a maximum temperature limit of 2700°F
  • Includes 5 Kg iron cast pod
  • Users can avoid 45 – 60 minutes to heat up
  • It has a stainless steel body and thick kaowool insulation
  • Gold and silver can be melt


  • Continuous casting at max heat might damage the furnace.

Buyer guides

When you are deciding to buy a lead pot, there are many factors to keep in mind. Besides budget and general reviews, it’s important to consider capacity, heat capability, and lots. Some manufacturers label many promises by failing to deliver. Here’s a guide before you purchase any melting pot:


Firstly, the capacity of a lead melting pot is a thing to consider. Industrial casting and regular home pots are different in measurement. These are mainly for other quantities; additionally, if you make your ammunition, then 7 to 9 lbs should do.  But for recycling, you can go for 5 kg at max. However, if users need bulk melting, then Cast Master Lead Melting Furnace GG 5000 is a good option. Almost every pot we reviewed here has a high capacity from 4 to 11 lbs.

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When it comes to heating, different metals need different heating. Lead doesn’t melt below this temperature. But if you want a multi-purpose pot, then you can Lee Production Pot IV. As it provides 900 F heats, you can melt Zinc, Cadmium & Bismuth. But for this purpose, a melting pot with 621 °F capacity is good enough. Industrial casting uses electricity or boilers to cast any metal fast. But for bullet casting, users tend to use burners or some switch to electric casting pots.

Electric or traditional

Times have changed, and technology has updated, and so did the melting pot. Traditionally to use bullet casting pots, users need to put a burn or any kind of heater to heat the metal. Natural fire can be effective, but it can be harmful as you can’t control the temperature. Instead, the lead will become unusable, ultimately wasting energy. Using a burner or electric mixer is more of a sustainable choice. Lee Lead Melting Pot 90949 is an excellent traditional pot where Do-It Molds Electric Lead Melting Pot 2 is a tough competitor. Electric mixing pots are controllable, but you’ll always need a power circuit to run them.

Pot material

As we’ve told you before, lead melts at six hundred twenty-one Fahrenheit. But cast iron lead melting pot always has to be made out of iron for melting metals like lead. Iron gives an even distribution of heat than lighter materials. Other materials have a probability of melting down. The six pots we’ve reviewed here have cast iron pots except Cast Master Lead Melting Furnace GG 5000. It uses a stainless steel pot. But for lead melting iron pot does a fun job as long as it doesn’t heat up to 2700-2900°F.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How to clean a lead melting pot?

Lead melting pots tend to get clogged due to intense heat and the sticking of metal. Especially if the pool is of iron, do it properly. The best way is to drain out as soon as possible and turn it upside down.

2. How to clean a lee lead melting pot?

First, put the Lee melting pot on a wooden table and, wearing gloves, carefully put it upside down. Take a small wire part brush and start cleaning till the residue gets clean.

3. How to make a lead melting pot?

Making a lead melting pot is a tricky job and can only be done by professionals. We highly recommend buying one instead of driving because making one will cost twice that of a ready-made one.

4. What is the best lead melting pot?

The six lead melting pots we mentioned here are best by their qualities. But as for our opinion, Lee Lead Melting Pot 90949 and Cast Master Lead Melting Furnace GG 5000m stands out among the rest.

5. How does a lead smelter work?

Typically, lead is smelted in a furnace. If you are using different processes and heat, lead is processed and melted. Layers of smelter make it got through.

6. At what temperature does lead melt?

Lead usually melts at 621 °F or 327 °C.

7. What kind of pot do I need to melt lead?

Cast iron, steel, and stainless steel pots work great to melt lead.

Bottom Line

By now, you’ve learned about the six melting pots we reviewed above. Buying a pot is an investment for a long time. There are updated version pots and classic pots on the market. Additionally, the Lee melting pot is excellent for lead melting. Lee Preciesion has been famous for its quality pots for ages.  But, testing and analyzing for different criteria, we’ve selected one suitable lead melting pot. It is none but the Cast Master Lead Melting Furnace GG 5000. Unlike other pots on the review, this electric lead melter has a multi-purpose melting capability and is also eco-friendly.