5 Best Lead Melting Cast Iron Ladle Review & Buying Guide In 2022

After a detailed research, our team found some of the best-quality ladles, such as the LEE bullet casting lead ladle and the 1 pound Rowell, Bottom pouring ladle. These two iron ladles are the best ones our experts found. You can also check out some other lead melting ladle our team reviewed below.

cast iron smelting ladle

Melting metals like lead necessitate the purchase of a few specific things. In this case, you need a ladle. You must use the ladle to stir and pour the metal. In this reason, you need to buy a ladle for yourself. We are in such an era that such tools and equipment are readily available in the market.

Make sure to check out the ladles our team reviewed. Furthermore, remember to see the buying guide we provided to get yourself a good quality spoon ladle handy for melting lead and similar functions. The best ladles will offer you the best experience.

Do-it Cast Iron Ladle  

Do-it Cast Iron Ladle

Lead melting requires precision and proper pieces of equipment. Do-it brings you its finest quality cast iron smelting ladle for this scenario. Start melting lead the right way by using this refined iron ladle.


Agile: The iron ladle features a short handle. The short handle allows the user to grip the ladle properly. You can pour the contents quickly due to the better agility of the handle.  Hence, the design will enable you to use this ladle with more refined skill.

Versatile: Use both sides of the ladle to pour or stir the element. The iron ladle carries a design that allows you to use both sides of the lips to pour the aspect you need to pour. So, you can use the right and left lip for streaming.

Spacious: The ladle features a diameter of about 3”.  The small diameter allows the ladle to carry up to one or half lbs. of lead or similar metals. As a result, the carrying capacity of this smelting ladle is quite spacious indeed.


  • You can use it for multiple purposes
  • The short handle allows a good agility
  • The ladle diameter is spacious
  • Includes superior quality durability


It does not work when it comes to serving soup.

Cobra 3”CI Solder Ladle

cobra casting ladle

The cobra casting ladle is one of the hard-wearing solder ladles you will find. Our team used the ladle long enough to clarify that this ladle is very easy to use and comes from high-tier materials.


Firm: The cobra ladle is very solid. Our experts used the ladle quite heavily and found out that the ladle is very durable. So, the high durability allows the user to have a more extended work session. So, users won’t have to replace it repeatedly.

Favorable:  Due to the sturdy design of the ladle, it becomes easier for the user to use the ladle effortlessly. The sturdiness ensures that you can grip it properly and use the ladle without drawbacks. Hence, it is very favorable for the users.

Vast: The ladle measures up to 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.5 in inches. The ladle’s unique diameter allows it to transport up to one and a half pounds of lead or comparable metals. As a result, this smelting ladle’s carrying capacity is rather generous.


  • The ladle capacity is vast
  • It is simple to use
  • It is powerful
  • Includes a handle with better firm


  • The temperature control of this ladle is not that refined.

1 pound Rowell, Bottom Pouring Ladle

bottom pouring ladle

Check out the bottom pouring ladle if you need pieces of equipment for melting lead. The cast iron ladle for lead pouring comes from high-level materials. You can do it without any obstacle when trying to melt lead or similar metals.


Capacity: The pouring ladle carries a diameter of 1/4″. Because of the ladle’s different diameter can transport up to 1 pound of lead or similar metals. As a result, the carrying capacity of this smelting ladle is relatively large.

Grip: A wooden handle is included on the pouring ladle. The user can grab the ladle correctly because of the short handle. Because the handle is more agile, you can quickly pour the contents. Due to the design, you can use this ladle with more precision.

Prevents cavities: An intelligent design of the ladle ensures that if you pour melting lead or zinc, you won’t see any signs of cavities. Likewise, it also prevents any rubbish on the surface. A specific design makes sure that the ladle stays away from damages.

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  • Includes a wooden grip
  • The temperature handle is good
  • The unique design prevents certain damages
  • It is long-lasting


  • Our team found out that the ladle is a bit uneven.

LEE Bullet Casting Lead Ladle

bullet casting lead ladle

The lee precision lead ladle is not only agile but also affordable. The casting ladle comes with better temperature control and a firm grip. It helps the users to stir melted metals smoothly without any hitches.


Handy:  The Lee bullet ladle is quite powerful. Our specialists put the ladle to a lot of use and discovered that it is highly sturdy. As a result, the user may operate for extended periods due to its excellent endurance. You are not required to change it on a regular basis.

Better handle: The bullet ladle comes with a wooden handle. For the existing small grip, the user can grasp the ladle accurately. You can simply pour the contents since the handle is more agile. This ladle may be used with more precision due to its design.

Protective: The ladle’s clever construction assures that no holes will appear while pouring melting lead or zinc. It also prevents any dross from accumulating on the surface. The ladle is protected from harm thanks to a specific design.


  • The ladle is very handy
  • It is quite protective
  • The handle is superior
  • You don’t have to change it often


  • The spoon size is a bit smaller than we expected.

Lyman Casting Lead Dipper Ladle

lyman lead dipper ladle

It does not matter whether you are left-handed or right-handed, as the lyman lead dipper is designed so that you can use it with both hands. The flexible design and the unique spoon design of lyman casting dipper deliver accurate pour results.


Flexible: Pour or mix the element with both sides of the ladle. The dipper ladle has a design that allows you to pour the aspect you need to pour using both sides of the lips. As a result, you may flow from both the right and left lips.

Accurate: The fascinating design of the spoon allows you to pour melted metals very quickly. Furthermore, the way you pour the metal is always precise due to the modern design of the spoon in the ladle. 

Refined grip:  A wooden handle is included with the bullet ladle. The user can properly grab the ladle with the existing little handle. Because the handle is more agile, you may effortlessly pour the contents. Because of its design, this ladle may be used with more precision.


  • Includes accurate pour results
  • It is handy for both-handed persons
  • The spoon design is smart
  • The grip is strong


  • Our expert says that the only problem they encountered is the ladle is a bit shaky.

Buyer Guides

Melting metals like lead require you to buy certain items. The lead pouring ladle is the most required item among various other tools. Hence, the absence of smelting ladle can hamper your work session. Today, we provide you with a guide that you should follow before buying any ladle.

Handle: The handle refers to the part where you will hold. So, the area you will hold to pour and stir molten metal must be strong. For that reason, you need to examine the handle of the ladle. Make sure to examine whether the ladle can handle excess temperature or not.

Ladle comes in various types of materials. Among them, the best one is wooden handles. Due to the better temperature travel, you should look out for handles that are wooden. You won’t feel the heat while melting lead or other similar metals.

Resistance: Another factor you should check is the durability of the distinct ladle. If the ladle comes from suitable materials, you can rest easy knowing it will last long. Durability is not the only thing you should check while checking out the material quality. 

Apart from durability, check if the ladle can handle enough heat or not. As you melt lead with the cast, you might see holes and dross appearing. So, it is a massive problem for you. To prevent that, you need to analyze the materials of the ladle thoroughly.

Budget: Lead ladles aren’t that expensive. So, we recommend you not to buy the very cheapest one. We recommend this because if you opt for the lowest one you will see the handles aren’t that good.

The spoon surface will have holes. Furthermore, the grip will become hot due to melting. So, you should keep the standard budget around 20-30 dollars. In this range, you will find various ladles that are good. 

Bottom Line

If you need to melt lead, always keep ladles as they are responsible for the procedures. Our team reviewed the best cast iron ladle with proper examination. You can check any iron ladle above if you need to melt lead or similar metals. Before you buy any ladle, check its quality, function, rigidity, and longevity.

We recommend you check our guide for a better idea. If you checked our reviews and the buying guide properly, you would end up with a high-quality ladle that will serve your purpose very well. So, get yourself a ladle and start melting lead to your need.