7 Best Carpet Deodorizers With Buying Guides In 2023

best carpet deodorizers

Carpets make our houses aesthetically-pleasing. But maintaining them can be stressful. They get damaged frequently. Such spots are most challenging to remove. Sometimes even after washing, the unappealing smell persists. When this happens, we search for a solution in vain.

Well, worry no further. To eradicate a persistent spot or stink, the ideal way out is a carpet deodorizer. They are hassle-proof, simple, and plenty of successful formulas that get rid of all stink from your carpets. They can do away with the stink from pet-urine, smoke, pet-poop, etc.

Most carpet deodorizers are multipurpose. Several even come in different fragrances and remove spots as well.

Countless items are available online and in stores. This can create problems in selecting the ideal fit. The best carpet deodorizer is the one that suits a user’s special cleaning requirements. Here’s all a buyer needs to discern before buying the most suited product.


What to see before buying the Best Carpet Deodorizer?

You dont want to make an investment without actually knowing what your exact needs are. Consider going through the following factors:

  • Identify your unique cleaning needsDifferent reasons determine the form of carpet usage and damage at each home. Pets and children can dirty carpets more often. This, indeed, requires specific carpet deodorizers. Whether it’s wet baby puree, a beer, sweat, or your pet’s body odor – there is a deodorizer to restrict each of them individually or even collectively.
  • Understand the product categoryCompanies manufacture professional carpet deodorizers as instant sprays or powders. Even though there are several home remedies, we see over the internet. They are often cumbersome and lengthy procedures. It is not so with carpet deodorizers from efficient companies. They reduce a range of varied stinks and blemishes with ease.
  • Read the component catalogCarpet deodorizers come in all synthetic and unrefined blends. You may have specific allergies or infants at home. Scrutinize the ingredients in these products to avoid any disaster. You don’t want your dog catching any skin allergies, do you?
  • Specific problems call for specific solutionsThe core aim of all carpet deodorizers is to cut stink. Some remove blemishes also. Each item is manufactured for one main purpose and extra subsidiary usages. Understand the efficacy of each item based on your needs. Some of them can be used on tables and walls, making them versatile.
  • All deodorizers do not contain fragranceUnlike normal items, carpet deodorizers are not manufactured to mask the stink. They neutralize it. Some items come with unadulterated fruit and neutral aromas; some don’t. Are you seeking a stink reducer plus fragrant carpet deodorizer? Or do you want only of them?
  • Organic versus synthetic itemsIf you prefer untreated products, there is excellent news. Most deodorizers use untreated components in them. These elements are as effective as their synthetic counterparts. Although always check out the ingredient list to make sure that fewer or no synthetic items are present.
  • Extra requirementsSome deodorizers may require a vacuum or an extra spray container. Look for a product that gives you these additional equipment. You can save up money rather than looking for the equipment separately.

Are you trying to search for the top carpet deodorizer powder and spray-based products? Look no further. Here is a listing of detailed item descriptions that will help you make a wise choice.

Angry Orange Odor Eliminator (Carpet Deodorizer For Dogs And Cats)

Angry orange


Key features:

  • Untreated liquid composed of fresh oranges
  • Hassle-free formula, pour-over spotted regions
  • Attuned with all spritz bottles
  • Human and animal safe
  • Works on carpets, tiles, wood floors, driveways, litter boxes, grass, pens and more
  • Available in one-gallon bottles

Description: Do you adore the aroma of oranges? Are you looking for a deodorizer plus perfume that will keep your homes hygienic and stink-proof? If yes, you will love this item. The pet stain and stink removal formula by Angry Orange is highly suggested and multipurpose in terms of usage.

It is an enzyme-based concentrate made from fresh oranges. This can create a fresh citrus aroma throughout your carpet area. The untreated components in this item render it toxin-free. You may apply this item in the presence of family and animals with zero worries.

It is helpful to take away dog pee, cat urine, and solid waste stains and stink. Although its core formula works best, remove pet urine stains and odors. Apply the item over dirty spots for optimal coverage. No extra help needed. Just wait to let the liquid dry totally for complete effect.

You may apply this liquid on several surfaces. Such as carpets, tiles, wood floors, driveways, litter boxes, grass, pens, upholstery, mattresses, bedding, pillows, car interiors, garbage cans, kennels, etc.

Users may store and apply this concentrate using any spray containers. Remember, this liquid is not suited for a diffuser or steam cleaner.

You may spread this liquid to the entire space. Vacuum the ground and rugs for a bright citrus aroma that lasts all day long. A single application of this liquid will render significant results. Even better, it leaves no spots on the surface once applied.

Bonus tip, the fruity aroma detracts your animals from soiling the same region again. Add the liquid to your standard ground cleaning solution and sanitize your carpets. Then you can experience a hassle-free and odorless environment. Users can also achieve a successful outcome on trash cans and toilet stains.

The one-gallon bottles of this remarkable liquid prove effective for the long-term. The formula is available in two scents, citrus aroma, and fresh aroma.


  • Organic liquid composition
  • Versatile usage options
  • Human and animal safe
  • Works on most regions – in-house or out of the house


  • Separate spray bottle required
  • Time-consuming process

Natures Miracle Oxy Formula Odor And Stain Remover

nature miracle carpet deodorizer


Key features:

  • Dual-action oxy formula removes stains and leaves a fresh orange scent
  • Suited for rooted spots and odors
  • Evident results in 5 minutes
  • Powerful Disinfectant Formula
  • Applicable to numerous surfaces

Description: Nature Miracle’s Oxy Formula dual-action stain and odor remover is an enzyme-based liquid. This item is an exclusive pet marking and odor deodorizer. If the user is not happy with this product, the brand has a reimbursement guarantee.

The liquid’s oxygenated nature eradicates extremely resistant spots and odors. Not to mention, the core ingredients in this liquid are water and a high oxygen concentration. It also contains orange extracts and fresh fragrance. The liquid penetrates through the layer of the spot and imparts full coverage. Users may pour it on several surfaces such as carpets, floors, furniture, clothing, upholstery, blankets, pet bedding, etc.

This liquid has no toxins in it. Thus you can apply this liquid even when babies and pets are nearby. This solution also removes spots from unconventional surfaces. These include UV light stains, blood, chocolate, and soft drink stains.

Apply to rub the mess to get rid of visible deposits and immerse it with Nature’s Miracle Oxy Formula. After 5 minutes, wipe the region with a cloth to notice the change. After the liquid dries, the user will notice an evident odor-free carpet. For the finest results, utilize this concentrated liquid without diluting it.

You can simply add this liquid to your carpet rinse. The mild citrus perfume will transform the room’s scent, and this pure and bright scent will last for longer than usual deodorizers. Envelop the old spots with this liquid overnight! There will be spot and stink removal. It also dubs as a disinfectant as it can eradicate all harmful microorganisms on the blemished surface.

Users may have issues applying this liquid to dissolve urine markings. In such a case, use significant volumes of the liquid. Let it dry overnight for best results.

It is accessible in hassle-free spray bottles in volumes of 24 fl oz, 32 fl oz, and 1-gallon. The supplementary recommended items from Nature’s Miracle are Nature’s Miracle Cat Urine Destroyer Foam, Disinfectant Stain and Odor Remover, etc.

These items will cater to all the specific demands at your home. No worries whether you need to get rid of a bad smell on indoor or outdoor surfaces.


  • Hassle-free usage
  • Quick results
  • Non-toxic formula
  • Disinfecting capabilities


  • Takes time to apply

Professional Carpet Deodorizer By Rocco & Roxie Supply Co.

stain and odor eliminator


Key features:

  • Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) approved liquid.
  • Secure to add in laundry
  • Removes all macrobiotic spills, spots, and stink
  • Human and animal safe
  • Contains enzymes that make spots disappear completely

Description: Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator is manufactured to remove not only pet markings and stink. It can remove all organic spills from vomit, urine, and feces stains, both human and animal.

The liquid has a signature enzyme-based biological component. The enzymes work to detract the ammonia in the spots. They destroy the ammonia molecules and other residues in the mess. Thus, it kills the overpowering odor.

This liquid is soft and does not have any chlorine due to which it has received recognition from the Carpets and Rug Institute (CRI). This means that it is a specialist standard to be super-efficient on all kinds of carpets. Use this expert power liquid and never discolor any precious rugs again. You can also use it in the company of your animals and family.

You can apply this liquid on several surfaces with ease. Some of them are carpets, upholstery, concrete, tile, hardwood, and laminate. It even eradicates pet urine and stinks from your clothes, among many others.

When applying on a floor covering, envelop the blot with a damp wipe or plastic. This will let the formula sit longer in the region. In this way, the liquid does not seep into the porous level of the floor covering. It will then work naturally in its science.

For application, squirt a generous quantity of the liquid on the intended region. It must stay in this manner for half an hour to one hour. Dab with any cleaning fabric and let it evaporate. Use a vacuum on the region before inspecting the spot. If the stink persists, squirt the liquid again. Just beware of former spots and persistent stink as they may call for several applications.

To eradicate any marking on clothing, immerse the part with the liquid for 10 mins and wash as usual. Users may also pour 1-2 cups of this liquid into the pre-soak cycle of their washing machine. This will help in removing all untreated spots and stink.

Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. guarantees 100% satisfaction on their product or a complete repayment. This liquid is manufactured in 1-gallon volume with a trouble-free applicator spray container.


  • Laundry safe
  • Works on all organic stains
  • Easy-to-use applicator spray container
  • Expert-approved


  • Time-consuming process
  • Multiple treatments may be needed

Zero OdorPro (Odor Eliminator And Deodorizer)

Professional carpet deodorizer


Key Features

  • No toxins, non-allergic, and eco-friendly formula
  • Can be squirted in the atmosphere to avert stink buildup
  • Perfect for cleaning even buildings and vehicles
  • Can dub as a skunk spray
  • Removes all crude and viable odors

Description: The Zero Odor Pro Commercial strength odor Eliminator is a ‘single product fits all’ wonder. It can take away harsh organic and commercial odors easily. This liquid removes a variety of stinks. Examples include urine odor, cigarette and other smoke, garbage stink, sewer backups, mildew, vomit stink, pet-marking stink, water damage, fire damage, etc.

Bonus benefit, this liquid is also a skunk spray. You can spray it not only at your residence but also on commercial work-spaces. With Zero Odor Pro, persistent stinks will no longer remain. Spray it to sanitize real estate properties, assisted living facilities, offices, hotels, etc.

This item has no toxins and works fine on carpets, rugs, desks, hard floors, and other regions. It causes no allergies and is eco-friendly. Unlike other stink reducing sprays, Zero Odor Pro does not envelop the stink with a fragrance. It eradicates merely all odors by making them undetectable to the most sensitive of noses.

No enzymatic liquid can get 100% results. Zero Odor Pro is one such item that can achieve near-perfect results each time you spray it. In fact, if the stink persists even after usage, it could be because you missed the mark.

This revolutionary liquid binds to odor molecules on the items and in the air. Then, it turns them into odorless molecules. There is a helpful tracer scent present in this liquid. This lets you know exactly where you have squirted it. The perfume also is very mild and does not linger for an extended period.

For top outcomes, drench it on the infected surface or in the air. Pre-test the liquid on fabrics and carpet before actual application on the target spot. This way, you can confirm color-fastness and water stains, if any.

This liquid is only meant for primary stink elimination. You may need other items to remove deep-set stinks. They are available as 128-ounce refill bottles and need an extra spray container to use.


  • Multipurpose usage
  • Biodegradable
  • All surface friendly


  • Separate spray bottle needed

TrinovaS Natural Odor And Pet Stain Remover

best carpet deodorizers


Key features

  • 100% natural and untreated liquid
  • Eradicates former and new pet markings and stink
  • Sophisticated Enzyme-based liquid
  • Safe to employ on all surfaces
  • Available in gallon volume spray bottles for top returns

Description: Are you in search of an organic pet marking remover? If yes, then TriNova Natural Pet Stain and Odor remover eliminator is your ideal pick. This plant-based formula also comes with an evident fresh fragrance to it.

The powerful amalgamation of enzymes destroys all non-chemical spots. It also gets rid of the pungent stink. Once completing their task, these enzymes immediately wither away. This solution leaves no traces after the application. You can even use this spray when your family or pets are around.

Spurt the liquid on the target region. Let it remain for 3 to 5 minutes. Dab with a napkin, and you are good to go. The surface will be good as new. After applying this solution on carpets, vacuum the area. This solution works best on newer spots.

You may use this solution on any material that you can wet under running water. This includes your pet’s kennel, litter box, bedding, hardwood floors, carpets, and upholstery. This product contains a non-stain formula applicable on all surfaces.

Use this formula on soiled shoes and fabric furniture with considerable success. Is your carpet composed of non-traditional materials? Be sure to conduct a trial run on the material before applying this formula to the stain. This way, you can prevent your precious materials from potential damage.

This liquid contains bamboo and mint extracts. Thus, the perfume scent will last longer. These natural scents will leave the environment with a fresh aroma for more extended periods. This renders it ideal for users who can manage potential strong fragrances.

It eliminates old stains as well as new blemishes and stinks. For persistent markings, apply the solution each time it dries. Repeat the process until you have an odor-free and spotless surface.

The applicator pipe within the container may seem too short for optimal usage. Nonetheless, the solution is a guaranteed win. In such a case, decant the solution into another spray bottle for quick usage. Nevertheless, the gallon-sized spray applicators are an asset for the time and money spent.


  • No-stain formula
  • 100% organic
  • Removes former and newer spots
  • All surface friendly


  • Issues with the application container
  • Overpowering fragrance

PL360 Odor Neutralizing Carpet Powder (Best carpet deodorizer powder)

best carpet powder


Key features

  • 100% bio-based ingredients
  • Mild fragrance which is allergy-proof
  • Prevents animals from remarking the same region
  • Innovative packaging design
  • Hassle-free usage

Description: Are you tired of using a carpet deodorizer spray? Do you wish for a hassle-proof alternative? PL360 Odor Neutralizing Carpet Powder is a powder-based concoction that gives quick results. It is a residue-free, simple to use and consists of a hassle-free formula. All you need to do is sprinkle on the intended region, wait for about 10 to 20 minutes and vacuum.

This powder is free from all harsh synthetic chemicals, like, ammonia, chlorine, bleach, phosphates, phthalates, CFCs, sulfates, dyes, or synthetic fragrances. The formula contains purely unrefined and secure synthetic element blends.

It has a mineral-driven sponge-like component and corn starch. This blend absorbs all liquid and stinks in the blemish, leaving a brand new carpet. You can use this powder to freshen up specific areas with odor or as a general odor remover.

The formula has a durable citrus scent in it, making it mild, unlike other items. It helps create a natural fresh fragrance in the home.

Do you or your animals have a hard time with potential strong fragrances? The mild fragrance formula makes PL360 the ideal product. Many other brands have harsh chemical formulas in them. With this powder, you can be sure of facing no allergic reactions.

You can spread it on your carpet, rugs, and upholstery. Basically, you can treat your whole carpet with this method. This will stop your pets from remarking the same region again. Just make sure to remove your animal friends from the spot before sprinkling this treatment.

The powder leaves no surface stains or an overwhelming odor of its own. It can even absorb dirt from your carpets with visible ease. Even better, you can sprinkle this product on woolen rugs with no fear of enzyme decay.

Apply whenever you sense the stink return. The surfaces once treated with this carpet concentrate stay odor-free for months.

One 16 ounce package can work for three big rooms. The grind is very fine and leaves no haze of dust when used. It is available in the range of 6 to 16-ounce containers. The product’s innovative packaging makes it easy to use. Anyone can use this item with considerable ease and zero experience.


  • Hassle-proof
  • Stain-proof
  • Prevents remarking by your pets


  • Vacuum required

Best Carpet Powder: NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer

Best carpet deodorizer powder


Key features

  • Fragrance-free
  • Patented coating
  • Chemical additives are absent
  • Tackles solid waste really well

Description: You might have wondered how to make your cat litters and garbage cans stink-proof once and for all. Here is a deodorizer custom-made for you – NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer.

Many similar mixtures have an evident, overwhelming fragrance of their own. But, NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer is fragrance-free. It is the ideal powder for users who have trouble with potentially overpowering fragrances.

This product will leave your household with a fresh and hygienic environment. You can use this prescription on cat litters, trash compactors, garbage cans, kennels, and animal carriers.

Once applied, this powder can expand the durability of your cat litter. In fact, with this item, you can save more cat litter. You save cash and time as well. Users won’t have the trouble of changing their cat litter filters as often. It also prevents any litter-odor from building up. You can be sure of having odorless litter cleaning sessions. All you need to do is sprinkle this product.

Spread an even coating on your cat litter for a fresh environment. You may just see dust arising when sprinkling the product. Although it has a mild and clean fragrance in the packaging, but leaves no odor once used.

With two caps full of NonScent Cat Litter, remove all odors within minutes. It even eliminates fresh cat poop odor almost immediately. As the days go by, you will not recognize any cat litter odor at home. Next time when there are guests at home, they won’t even know you have animal friends around.

Use this additive while changing the litter or between changes. This item contains natural zeolite and a patent-pending coating. The zeolite in the compound is a naturally occurring mineral. It also acts as an excellent absorbent.

For absolute stink elimination, scoop solids from your cat’s litter box daily. Keep the container away from children under three years of age.

It comes in sizes of an 8-pound bag, and the packaging is tear-proof. It also comes with a shaker applicator that is easy to use. This applicator is reusable for a very long time. No more baking soda, wood pellets, or artificial ingredients needed. With this product, keep your home fresh and clean.


  • Lesser scent
  • Non-toxic
  • Prevents odor buildup


  • Mild bleach-like smell

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are carpet deodorizers child safe?

Ans: Most carpet deodorizers that have organic ingredients are childproof. Nonetheless, avoid using them near children and pets.

Q: Can I be allergic to carpet deodorizers?

Ans: Carpet deodorizers contain many ingredients, both organic and synthetic. You never know what you may be allergic to. Scrutinize the ingredient list before buying the product.

Q: How frequently should I use a carpet deodorizer?

Ans: Each material in your house has a different frequency of blemishes and the persistence of stink. Based on this, you can choose to use a carpet deodorizer once or many times. Older stains may need several treatment sessions.

Q: Do I need any preparation before using a carpet deodorizer?

Ans: Most carpet deodorizers usually need vacuum drying after application. Spray bottles can be quicker to use, while powder-based products are more hassle-free.

Q: Which is better; spraybased or powderbased carpet deodorizers?

Ans: The choice of product depends on your specific cleaning needs.

Buyers guide

For optimal usage of the item of your choice, follow these guidelines:

1. If you do not have a vacuum available, opt for spray-based carpet deodorizers. You can use them with a plain cloth. Powder-based carpet deodorizers are most effective when used as general hygiene products. They are not as efficient as specific blemish and stink-removers.

2. Most items claim to be human and animal friendly. Nonetheless, keep your family and pet animals away from treatment areas. This can prevent any risks of usage. Although avoid powder-based carpet deodorizers if you have family members or pets with breathing problems. The powder, if inhaled, may be harmful or trigger an asthmatic attack.

3. Buy small-sized spray bottles and powders, rather than products sold at a gallon. This way, you can experiment with it before including them in the category of household staples. Also, some items may appear to be luxurious, but have a greater return on investment. If the item provides more than your cleaning needs, it would be an excellent choice.

4. Before using a new product on your carpet, rugs, and upholstery, do a color fade test. Use the item on a corner of the material. Check for any discoloration or visible damage. Make sure you follow the exact user instructions. They may not always produce adequate results in the first try. Thus for optimal results, review the user instructions thoroughly and repeat the process.

5. Enzyme based carpet deodorizers can be detrimental for some materials. They can affect the threads of materials such as wool and ruin them. Conduct a test run before applying the product on the stain. As several spray based carpet deodorizers need a vacuum to be completely dry – you may want to avoid them unless you have an epic vacuum cleaner.

6. For adequate carpet quality retention, perform regular cleaning sessions. A carpet deodorizer will work better on an otherwise clean surface. Also, remember that all carpet deodorizers are not disinfectants. Engage in steam drying or using a diffuser on your carpets for complete safety.

7. When spraying deodorizers in the air, always wear a mask. This protects you from inhaling harmful chemicals. Also, use such products only in the absence of other people around the application area.



We know you care for your pet-animals and your carpets. And we know you want what’s ideal for everyone at your home. Choosing the correct item is the first step in this journey. You can be sure of having a hygienic and odorless home environment for your family, pet-animals, and guests.

The choice of the perfect item depends on your specific needs and requirements. You must scrutinize the ingredients and user instructions before narrowing down on the right purchase. Every product delivers different results on different materials. Identify the key area covered by the product to figure if it is the right fit.

Always remember, all items may not render miraculous results. However, if you select the item that is closest to your needs, you can be certain of the fruitful consumer experience. So be sure to discover the correct merchandise that keeps your house hygienic and your furry friends happy.