The 6 Best RipStik Wheels In 2022
(Reviews & Buyer's Guide)

Roller Skating is quite popular nowadays. The wheels you see on your roller skates are RipStik wheels. Ripsurf wheels come in various sizes and qualities. You can choose your rip surf wheels according to your desire. Currently, in the market, you will find a wide range of rip surf wheels for your roller skates. They are also a great replacement as well. So, if your roller skates wheels ever get damaged, you can easily buy a replacement wheelset. You have to surf the market to find the rip surf wheels you desire, as there are many of them in the market.

RipStik Wheels

What To See Before Buy

Before you purchase your skating wheels, you have to ensure that the purchase you make is worth it. So, to ensure that you have to check in some things. Make sure that you see some aspects of these wheels. As you will use the skating wheels, you require a good experience. Hence, follow the buying guide we are providing you to get the most value out of your money.

Bearings: RipStik Bearings are one of the most important aspects you have to look into before purchasing any. As it depends on your bearings on how fast your wheels can move. Good quality bearings provide premium experience when you will roller skate. It gives you precision and speed, ensuring the rider gets a delightful experience. Hence, you should check the bearing quality.

Wheel size: Wheel Size is another essential factor you must consider before purchasing. Firstly, you have to ensure what wheel sizes your skates support. After that, you must check which particular wheel size is comfortable for you. Similarly, different people prefer different wheel sizes. As a result, you need to find the right wheel size first. Afterward, you are free to purchase the wheels of your own choice.

Materials: A good product carries the best material in them, and for this, the effect tends to last a very long time. Similarly, you have to double-check the materials of your desired replacement wheels. For example, bad material in a skating wheel increase the chances of fatal accidents. Therefore, you have to check the material quality of the wheels you will get.

Price: Before making any purchase, you need to set an appropriate budget first. If you have no limit in your budget, you can get the best quality RipStik wheels that provide the best bearings and long durability. Moreover, some high-cost wheels feature LEDs that provide enough light if you surf at night. 

Six Best Ripstik wheels Review

1. LED Inline Light up RipStik wheels

LED RipStik wheels

If you are looking for mini wheels that glow in the dark, then the LED Inline Light up wheels are the perfect choice for you. It includes bearings, so roller skate as you wish in the dark as the wheels glimmer.


Zero batteries: Forget inserting any batteries for lighting up the LEDs in your roller-skate. The LEDs of the wheels are powered by centrifugal force. So, you can stop worrying about replacing or inserting any batteries into your rotation.

Excellent quality bearings: The LED inline RipStik wheel comes with perfect quality bearings. It provides you with the best speed and precision when you skate. Look more fabulous than ever by increasing your speed with these heavy duty ABEC-9 bearings.

Less friction: The wheels equips with a round profile rebound urethane which is super high. As a result of this, it creates minimal conflict. So, lesser frictions allow for better control and a quicker speed to surf with speed and style.


  • It comes with ABEC-9 bearings
  • The LEDs are centrifugal force powered
  • The less frictional force allows a better speed
  • Includes two pairs of sixty-four mm wheels


  • Some users complain that the LED isn’t bright enough

2. Razor RipStik replacement wheels

Razor RipStik replacement wheels

The Razor RipStik replacement wheels are the best replacement for your scooters, tricycle, or many more. Skating heels offer you the best replacement solutions. If you are having trouble finding any replacement wheels, you are looking at the right product. So, get your razor wheels today.


Dual inclined: The razor replacement wheels are the perfect solution if your scooter’s wheels get any sort of damage. It comes with dual inclines that are also caster wheels as well. So, make this replacement the best decision as you will get an incredible experience when you use these sets of wheels.

Longlasting: If you are looking for very long durable replacement wheels, then the razor wheels offer you precisely that. So, enjoy long-term use when you get the razor spins. You won’t have to worry about these replacement wheels getting any sort of damage in a short amount of time.

Easy installation: Easily install your wheels without the hassle by getting these replacement wheels. You won’t face any trouble when it comes to installing the wheels to your tricycle or scooter.


  • It comes with dual inclined wheels
  • Includes bearings as well
  • It is very long-lasting
  • The installation process is straightforward


  • The size of the wheels is minuscule to some users.

3. Rollerex VXT500 Best RipStik replacement wheels

Rollerex Best RipStik replacement wheels

If you are a roller skate enthusiast, then the Rollerex VXT500 Best RipStik replacement wheels are the appropriate choice for you. It offers you the best features on the budget. So, if you want better performance with good durability, get these replacement wheels.


Highquality materials: The rollerex replacement wheels come with the best quality materials. It has abrasion-resistant materials which offer long-term durability. Moreover, it has a pretty good amount density of urethane which allows a better friction control. Due to this friction control you can freely surf.

RipStik compatible: The Rollerex VXT500 is quite versatile for replacement. You don’t have to worry because the replacement wheels are also RipStik compatible. Furthermore, the compatibility is perfect for getting full enjoyment with the wheels.

Enhanced performance: It features an 85A durometer, which boosts the replacement wheels. So, this very boost allows a very big performance enhancement. As a result of this, these replacement wheels work both outdoors and indoors. Consequently, these wheels allow a versatile using environment. Enjoy your roller-skating anywhere you want without any issues.


  • It is compatible 
  • The 85A durometer allows a performance boost
  • Perfect for both outdoors and indoors
  • Includes various size replacement wheels


  • Some users think the bearings are slow

4. Rollerex, 76mm RipStik wheels

Rollerex, 76mm RipStik wheels

The Rollerex VXT500 Best RipStik replacement wheels are an excellent alternative if you enjoy roller skating. It provides you with all the most excellent considerable when it comes to replacements features are reasonably priced.


Compatible with RipStik: When it comes to replacement, the Rollerex VXT500 is highly adaptable. You won’t need to be concerned because the new wheels are also  skating compatible. Furthermore, the compatibility is excellent, allowing you to get the most out of the wheels.

Better performance: It has an 85A durometer, giving the replacement wheels a significant boost. As a result, this boost allows for a considerable performance boost. Consequently, these replacement wheels may be used both outside and inside. As a result, these wheels provide a flexible working environment.

Superiorquality materials: The materials used in the Rollerex VXT 500 replacement wheels are of the highest quality. It is made of abrasion-resistant materials that are long-lasting. It also features a significant level of urethane density, which provides for greater friction management.


  • It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Replacement wheels of various sizes are included
  • It’s ideal for both the outdoors and the inside
  • A performance gain is possible with the 85A durometer


  • Some customers complain about the bearings’ slowness

5. RipStik caster board wheels Replacement Set

RipStik caster board wheels Replacement Set

The RipStik caster board wheels Replacement Set are ideal for your skateboard. So these wheels are the most outstanding, more excellent replacement options available. If you’re having difficulty finding replacement wheels, you’ve come to the correct spot. So go ahead and order your caster board wheels right now.


Highgrade wheels: The wheels come with a high-rebound round profile urethane. It causes relatively little friction as a result of this. As a result, lower variances allow for better control and faster speeds, allowing you to surf with flair and pace.

Easy to install: Get these replacement wheels to quickly and easily install your wheels. When it comes to fitting the wheels on your skateboard, you will have no problems. Just simply follow the instruction provided, and you are good to go.

Universal fit: Stop worrying about the fitting size; these replacement wheels fit any kind of skateboard out there. Since it has universal fit support, you won’t have to face any unnecessary hassle when it comes to replacing the wheels of your skateboard.


  • It comes in five types of colors
  • It has a universal fit 
  • The installation is quick and easier
  • It is skating compatible


  • According to some users, the wheels are too thick.

6. AOWISH Inline Most durable RipStik wheels

AOWISH Inline Most durable RipStik wheels

AOWISH Inline Most durable RipStik wheels are a great option if you like roller skating. It gives you all of the best features at an affordable price. These new wheels are the way to go if you want better performance and lifespan.


Moderate hardness: The wheel comes with a hardness that is 85a. Due to this 85a, you can make sharp turns without any fail. Furthermore, it is slippery enough to switch your skating backward with ease.

Excellent choice for intermediates: This is a perfect option for an intermediate skater looking for good-quality replacement. wheels. The design allows a better speed and grip. Also, the durability is quite good. As a result, these replacement wheels are the perfect choice for any intermediates out there.

Superior quality bearings: The AOWISH Inline RipStik wheel brings you excellent approaches. When skating it gives you the best speed and precision. Increase your speed and look more fantastic than ever with these ABEC-9 heavy-duty bearings. As a result, you get a speed boost with better control.


  • It comes with ABEC-9 bearings
  • Includes speed spacers
  • An excellent choice for intermediates
  • It has 85a hardness


Some users think the wheel does not spin enough

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What are ripstik wheels made of?

RipStik wheels are made of a high-density polyurethane. So, this allows for better wear resistance and heat resistance. Polyurethane provides for better long-term sliding as well. Polyurethane carries a great necessity.

2: What wheels do RipStiks use?

There are lots of wheels that use RipStiks. Primarily, RipStiks uses wheels that measure around 76mm. Asides from 76 mm, RipStiks also use other size wheels, but the primary wheels RipStiks use 76mm in size. If you check, per wheel contains two bearings.

3: Is RipStik easier than skateboard?

Firstly, this question arises when you want to know if you can do jumps. Yes, you can do jumps in both of them. Despite that, RipStik is not easier than skateboarding. It is a bit more complicated than skateboarding when learning any tricks.

4: How do you slow down on a RipStik going downhill?

If you want to slow down your RipStik from going downhill, you just have to follow a few simple steps. Firstly, slow down your board to a speed that is walking pace. You can do that by just letting the board ride without any twisting for speed. Also slowing down provides extra safety measures.

5: How much weight can a RipStik hold?

RipStik is made for both kids and adults. So, the maximum weight it can hold is 220lbs. In terms of the kilogram, it is 100kg. So, it won’t work well if the weight exceeds 100 kg or 220lbs. So, you can see RipStik holds around this much at max

Bottom Line

RipStik replacement wheels are great for your scooter, tricycle, rollers, or skateboards. Ripster Wheels comes in variety, and you can see that above. In the above, some tremendous replacements are given for you. So, if you are looking for the best RipStik wheels, check any of the RipStik products above, and you are good to go. They are of excellent quality.

RipStik replacements are great because you can replace them anytime you want without any additional hassle. Moreover, they save you spending from extra money and provides options to upgrade. Hence, these wheels are the best choice for you. Stop waiting and get any of these replacement Ripster wheels to improve your experience to the next level.