5 Best Pee Post Reviews & Buying Guides Of 2024

A dog is not only a man’s best friend but also a source of support. But your buddy needs proper care for it to grow in your house. Especially when it comes to peeing, dogs always need extra help. There are various methods of potty training but using a pee post works wonders. Also, these are reasonable and functional.

You’ll find different varieties on the market, and it can get confusing to choose the suitable one. We’ve tested and recommended five excellent dog pee posts below.

Pee post

What to see before buying?

For potty training, there are different ways, but you need a pee post if you have a backyard. But there are some important factors to keep in mind.

Potty training: Building a pee post is a part of the potty training process. If you’re okay with your lawn being yellow due to dog urine, then you might avoid buying a pee post. Usually, dogs make their territory by keeping pheromones. It sounds disgusting, but it’s the dog way. Pee posts have pheromones inside, and dogs’ instinct makes them urinate on it, so your lawn stays green. Because the pet isn’t prepared, then buying a pee post might not work well. Also, it may cause many unwanted problems.

Male & female dogs: Peeing position is more diverse between male and female dogs.  The only reason is that female dogs don’t mark territory. But a female dog pees in a squat position, so a pee post might not be effective for a female one. Dog pee post fire hydrant is quite effective for male dogs.  It’s not that male dogs don’t use that position, but females don’t have marking tendencies. So, if your dog is a female, then train it before buying a pee post. So, it creates a vast difference between usage and the behavior pattern of peeing.

Comfort zone: There are many prevalent techniques to make your dog pee. But not all dogs are comfortable with a pee post despite being trained. It can be that the dog is not pleased. Users complain about dogs not using pee posts without understanding dog behavior. Additionally, if the dog isn’t using make sure to train it, and if it completely ignores then not use it.

Here are our top five picks of pee posts, and we’ve done a detailed review for you to choose from.

Design Toscano DC122012 Best Dog Pee Post

Best dog pee post


Owning a dog comes with its problems. Yes, we’re addressing dogs peeing everywhere. Design Toscano DC122012 Fire Hydrant Statue Puppy Pee Post is a suitable pee post for the long run. Design Toscano is also quite famous for making garden decor besides dog pee posts.

Highlighted features:

Perfect for your pet

Usually, dogs tend to point their territory when they are depositing pheromones. This happens when they urinate. Design Toscano DC122012 Best Dog Pee Post makes sure your pet doesn’t pee all around the yard or the garden. As it has pheromones inside, it simply does collective cleanliness.

Fire hydrant design

Besides, as a dog pee post, you can use it as an ornament. If you’ve had a friend in the fire fighting service, this would be a fantastic gift. Now coming to its material, high-quality metal is in this making. Not to mention it was hand-painted for the vintage look.


  • It is hand-crafted and has metal construction
  • The whole dimension of 11.5 inches width, 9.5 inches depth & 23 inches height
  • Design Toscano DC122012 weighs 4 lbs
  • Ideal for potty training in outdoor yard
  • Great as a gift item


  • It only comes in only one size


Collectible Badges 17″ Dog Pee Post Reviews

Dog pee post fire hydrant


Try to save your yard from becoming yellow from green with the Collectible Badges 17″ Metal Dog Fire Hydrant Yard. Not only is it water-resistant, but it also works well as garden decor. It’s sturdy, and the top doesn’t break easily. Ultimately, it’s good for the long run.

Highlighted features:


Ornate metal is the main component of this pee post. Other than as a pooch pee post, you’ll utilize it as a decoration. Presently coming to its fabric, tall quality metal is in this making. Indeed, it measures seventeen inches in height and nine in width. You can also use this indoors.


More often than not, mutts tend to point to their domain when they keep pheromones. Sometimes it may happen when they urinate. Collectible Badges 17″ Metal Dog Fire Hydrant Yard makes sure your pet doesn’t pee all around the yard or the cultivation. Because it has a pheromone’s interior, it essentially does collective cleanliness.


  • The overall measurement is 17 inches height x 9 inches weight
  • Made from ornate metal
  • The bottom is sealed, so it doesn’t let the uranite fall away.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Heavy-duty yet weighs less


  • Some users don’t like its exterior design.


Mayrich Indoor Dog Pee Post

Indoor dog pee post


Sometimes dogs don’t prefer big size pee posts, so that you may check out the Mayrich Dog Fire Hydrant Yard Garden Indoor Outdoor Resin Statue. It comes in small sizes and does an excellent job of pee collecting. Even watchdogs are fond of it.

Highlighted features:

Small & strong

Firstly, it has a dimension of fourteen inches. We must say that the design is fancier than we expect. Users might find it kind of heavy proportionate to its size. Ultimately it weighs about three lbs. Also, it’s from solid and sturdy resin. The peeing post is flexible and excellent indoors.

Dogs favorite

Potty training is a must for any kind of pet. Mayrich Indoor Dog Pee Post is excellent for that purpose. We must say that the plan has more flavor than we anticipated. Clients might discover it is kind of overwhelming proportionate to its estimate. Moreover, it’s from solid and durable tar. So, the pee post is adaptable and unique inside.


  • Small and has a dimension of 14inches height
  • It’s out of resin
  • The peeing post weighs 3 lbs
  • Available for indoor or outdoor use
  • Suitable for puppies


  • Not suitable for breeds like Great Dane


LULIND Dog Pee Post for Garden

Dog pee post for garden


Climate change is accurate, and so you must switch to products that are UV resistant. LULIND – Dog Fire Hydrant Garden Statue is simply a modern pee post that is from sturdy resin. The manufacturers didn’t promise astonishing results, but it does work with most dogs.

Highlighted features:

UV resistant

Unlike other pee posts, this one comes with two plastic stakes. The purpose is to anchor it deep into the ground from excited dogs. Also, a UV-resistant coat on the top, so harmful sun rays can’t do much damage. Additionally, users can utilize it as garden decor.

Suitable for potty training

Furthermore, the post has a dimension of 16 x 7 x 7 inches. The reason is to stay deep into the ground from energized mutts. Sunbeams can’t do much harm. When it comes to weight, it only weighs 4.4 pounds. Moreover, clients can utilize it as a cultivated stylistic layout.


  • Measures 16 x 7 x 7 inches
  • Hand-painted and has a fire hydrant design that works as decor
  • For excited dogs, it comes along with two plastic stakes
  • UV resistant paint
  • It weighs 4.4 pounds


  • It might not work with every single breed of dog kind.


Design Toscano QL5468 Best Pee Post for Dogs

Best pee post for dogs


Our last pick is also another Design Toscano product. Because of their excellent quality products, we had to review them for you. Design Toscano QL5468 Puppy Pee Post-Dog’s Second Best Friend Fire Hydrant Statue is a suitable option for Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Maltese, and other small breeds.

Highlighted features:

Pad training

Dogs need lots of care and also potty training. A form of potty training is pad training. Use this pee post on top of the pee pad to see results. If your dog misses a spot, then the pee pad catches urinate and doesn’t cause a bad smell. Also, it’s excellent for indoor and outdoor activities. But we would recommend using it on the law as its UV ray proof.


The measurement of this pee post is 8″W x 7″ D x 14″H. A frame of potty preparing is pad preparing. Utilize this pee post on the best of the pee cushion to see what comes about. Its overall weight is 2 lbs.


  • The whole dimension is 8 inches weight x 14 inches height
  • Lightweight and weighs 2 lbs
  • Made from crushed stone and resin
  • UV resistant red paint coat
  • Perfect as gift


  • Not suitable for large breed dogs.


Buying guide

Without making a fuss, let’s straight jump to some valuable tips that should come handy:

Size: Size is a significant factor to consider. Labrador Retrievers might not like a small size pee post like a Pomeranian would. We’re not saying the pee post has to be gigantic. But size is a crucial matter to consider. The five pee posts we reviewed above are best and have small to medium variations.

Material: Typically, metal and resin are popular in making pee posts. We also recommend Mayrich Dog Fire Hydrant Yard Garden Indoor Outdoor Resin Statue & Design Toscano QL5468 Puppy Pee Post-Dog’s Second Best Friend Fire Hydrant Statue for its material quality. Additionally, make sure to check if the dog peeing pole is non-toxic.

UV resistance: Global warming has caused thousands of different problems to existing ones. UV radiation directly from the faraway sun might harm the pee post. Focal points of dogs can hurt and cause sun pollution. Regular UV rays can damage the pee post. So, look for a pee post that is UV resistant, like LULIND – Dog Fire Hydrant Garden Statue.

Design: Most pee posts come in fire hydrant style because it’s been popular since the fifties. Moreover, it looks good in the yard. For styling purposes, the fire hydrant style is popular, but there is more to the designs. This works great as a gift also for your friends and family.

Indoor or outdoor: Many dog owners have the misconception that dog pee posts are for outdoors only. The answer is no. Now the pee posts are upgraded to use indoors. For indoors, we recommend put the pee post on a peeing pad. If you don’t, then it will create an awful smell around the house.


Frequently Asked Questions

●   Does dog pee post work?

In most cases, the answer is affirmative. Like we’ve discussed above, the behavior pattern of every dog is not the same, so dog pee post might not work for every dog.

●   How do I make my dog pee in one spot?

Take your doggo on a leash or chain to the spot. Then prompt the word to pee and command. Do it until it fully understands the behavior pattern.

●   How to use a pee post?

Take a hammer and place it in your yard like you plant a tree. Outside, put it on a peeing pole, and that’s it.

●   What color is your pee post to be?

Dogs see color limited to what we see from our perspective. So, ideally, pee post color should range to bright colors like Red & Yellow.

●   How does a pee post work?

Due to the instinct to mark their territory, dogs deposit pheromones; Pee posts always have pheromones infused. Due to nature, they tend to pee around that area.


Bottom line

We’ve reached the end of our pee post reviews, and now it’s time to decide the suitable one for your dog. Collectible Badges 17″ Metal Dog Fire Hydrant Yard makes a good impression due to the fact it’s heavy, dirty yet lightweight. Additionally has more space than other pee posts in general.

For potty training and UV resistance, LULIND – Dog Fire Hydrant Garden Statue is a good option. But deciding, on functionality, price point, and our test, we’ve opted for Design Toscano DC122012 Fire Hydrant Statue Puppy Pee Post as the winner.