The Best Pedometers For Seniors In 2024


What is a pedometer?

A pedometer is a portable device that can measure a persons activity level to a physical extent for a while. Most pedometers are very affordable and provide reliable results. These are designed to be worn on the waist, and users can wear them in different locations if they want. Pedometers have a condition that they have to be worn in the same place every day to work permanently. For adults and children, a pedometer is more suitable than a fitness tracker as for adults and children; it is easy to set up and doesnt provide any problems

How to use a pedometer?

A pedometer has a small lever inside that moves up and down and counts the steps. Most pedometers are accurate if users wear them on their hips. First, set out the setting and then put it on the wrist or hip. Most pedometers are now upgraded and provide accurate results on wrists too. But we will still recommend using it around your hip.

Why is a pedometer essential for seniors?

Different studies have been conducted to know and have been found out that pedometers motivate seniors. Most elderly get tired and unmotivated after a walk, so pedometers help to go beyond to do motivation work. Mainly counting steps help to fuel more walking time.

Check down below to see our best recommendation as to the best pedometer.

6 Best Pedometers for seniors Reviews

3DFitBud Best Simple Pedometer


simple pedometerOne of our top pedometers is the 3DFitBud Simple Step Counter Walking 3D Pedometer. It is simple and counts every step easily.


Convenient: 3DFitBud counts every step from the moment you start walking. Most take a step backlog time, but its new technology ensures no count is missed. The design and features are so easy to activate that a child can do it with a click. It is one of the simplest yet most effective pedometers out there.

Stay fit: Our experts love providing a straightforward yet robust analysis count. It shows progress boards to keep you motivated aside from being the best mechanical pedometer. Other pedometers tend to show complicated actions to0 get simplified results. Also, there’s an option for a fitness log so you can log manually.

3D TriAxis technology: The sensor sensing technology of this device helps to provide an accurate reading even if you are in a down or up position. But you must put it in the correct place, that is to your hip or even in your side pockets. Moreover, the large display is a bonus.


  • Tri-axis technology provides accurate reading steps
  • Includes Battery


  • Not Waterproof

Omron HJ-112 Most Accurate Pedometer ​

most accurate pedometerbutton

Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer is an underrated gem for pedometers. Besides providing the most accurate number, it provides some other features mentioned below:


Dualaxis technology: Every pedometer has a specialized feature of its own. But for us, dual-axis technology is a revolution. We took a one-hour run, and the pedometer showed precisely the most accurate steps. Even it took the positions of horizontal and even vertical lines. Also, it keeps up to one week of information to analyze your results.

Modes: There are six different modes to adjust the activity you are doing.  We used the aerobic steps, calories and fat grams option the most out of the six. Also, it can be usual and different stages regularly. Also, take brisk and regular steps notes.

Goals: If you are aiming to reach a specific bodyweight goal, then this might be your new best friend. It shows 5% more accurate results than expensive pedometers. Your steps count even if you do a resistance exercise. The customization option provides a counting-out option for the non-walking times.


  • Dual-axis technology provides 5% accurate information
  • Six different modes


  • Our team didn’t find any issue.

Omron HJ-720 ITC, Most Accurate Pedometer

buttonomron pedometer

Omron HJ-720ITC is practically the Most Accurate Pedometerout on the market. Its sensor technology is incomparable.


Distinct Sensor technology: HJ-720ITC has an upgraded sensor technology called particular technology. It works great for tracking footsteps. There’s a detachable belt that grips every time it slips. So no time for losing things. Also, it does a great work of defending and overloading footsteps.

Customization: There’s a straightforward reset option. It provides data that is more accurate than more expensive pedometers. Even if you’re doing a resistance exercise, your steps count. The non-walking times can be counted out using the customization option. The pocket pedometer comes with a battery and also a warranty of one year.

Accuracy: it has 42 days’ memory which is better than other pedometers. Not only does it analyze your information, but it also assists in health goals.  We went for a test, and the pedometer accurately recorded our steps. Even horizontal and vertical lines were taken into account. The LCD is easy to function and easy to read.


  • 42 days memory for analyzing
  • It comes with a security strap


  • Needs frequent charge

ZURURU Best Wrist Pedometer


zururu wrist pedometerZURURU Fitness Tracker has to be the best hiking pedometer we’ve tried. It catches information quickly and adapts easily to an extent.


Heart monitor: One Zururu advantage over other pedometers is that it provides extra sleep and also heart monitor. Sometimes it does a great job of everyday activity tracking, besides your daily walk count. It also does excellent work of tracking heartbeat rates even when you are sleeping.

Notification: Unlike any pedometers we’ve reviewed, this provides SMS and SNS notification connecting from your phone. Also, you can connect to your other social media and get any vital text while you’re on the go. Moreover, it has high-speed charging that provides an easy charging option. The battery life is also long.

GPS hiking Mode: It has eleven different modes to help you understand any hiking activity. It has a multi-sports mode that allows for easy tracking and work. Make sure you connect your smartphone to display the walking route on your phone. You can also track your blood pressure by using this pedometer.


  • The pedometer is waterproof
  • Includes eleven different exercise modes


  • The charge can go very fast while notifications are on.

DoSmarter Best Pedometer for Walking

buttonpedometer for walking

Our last best running pedometer is the DoSmarter Fitness Watch. It provides solid yet accurate numbers. Also, it includes a touch screen facility and is worn as a smartwatch.


Intelligent features: This is a watch that has a pedometer built-in. So you can see the time and count your steps. Unlike traditional pedometers, you don’t need to attach them to your waist. The device is waterproof, and you add innovative features like sports mode. Also, there is a heart rate monitor that helps easy tracking.

Realtime: All of its features are in real-time and easy detection. Also, it counts your stress and sleeps meter very quickly. The fantastic thing about this is that it has a very long battery meter that helps achieve easy charging. One charge can go up to five to seven days. Complete your fitness goals very quickly.

Health manager: One of the things we like about this is that it provides easy tracking and return policy. Also, it is waterproof. There’s also a camera built-in for this watch. It is compatible with android and apple smartwatches. So, it works just as a health manager.


  • Provides heart rate and sleep monitor besides tracking
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Not great for swimming

Willful Pedometer Fitness Watch

willful pedometer

When it comes to a pedometer, the comparison of Willful is hard to make. The Willful Pedometer Fitness Watch is a great choice and a fantastic pedometer. It can track very quickly and on a budget. It is one of the best pedometers for seniors.


Excellent performance: If you want a device that shows the exact time and no other smart phone-like feature, then go for Willful. This might be the “IT” product for you. As it provides accurate exercise point information, exact up-to-date timing makes it alluring. Moreover, it is waterproof, which makes it excellent overall. It gives consistent performance most of the time. Most provide smartphone connect and provide the best service, but pedometers provide an ultra experience.

Accurate: One of the best things about this pedometer is how accurate it is. Our experts took a test and found the pedometer results entirely accurate. It tracks all-day steps and follows how much distance is covered. Not to mention you can quickly see how many calories you’ve burned. Also, it provides accurate sleep timing so that users can figure out the beta score.

Set up: The times have changed, so is the procedure to take an extra app and smartphone tracking health. This pedometer can deliver work quickly and on time; before you start doing it, it needs an elementary setting.

Battery life: There’s extended built-in battery life, and it’s removable. Users can charge it with any USB port, and it sets for two hours and goes seven full days easily. Users can give it as a present to any family member, especially people with health concerns.


  • Provides accurate exercise measurement
  • Shows accurate calorie burn
  • Affordable
  • Removable strips and USB connection


  • The charge doesn’t stay long

Bottom Line

Pedometers are great for casual walking to intense running. The pedometers we reviewed and love are in different ranges and purposes. Overall, our favorite is the Omron HJ-112 Best Omron Pedometer. It is convenient, and its sensor technology provides the best results for every step.

However, ZURURU Best Wrist Pedometer is a better option for hiking. It grabs to the wrist or pocket and detects hill walking motion. Also, it is affordable too. 3DFitBud is a worthy pedometer but it lacks waterproof facilities. However, price-wise, Omron again wins the race. In case you want more facilities than DoSmarter is a better option to choose, and it also provides a touchscreen facility.