5 Best Ingot Mold Considering Durability & Conductivity For Aluminum, Copper, Silver, Gold.

The 100 oz Cast Iron Ingot Mold For Melting and the Graphite Ingot Mold For Silver, Aluminum, Copper & Gold are the finest picks by our team. The following mold ingots provide you with the best features a cast mold can have. Our experts tested various other ingots molds and found these two to be the best ones. The durability and efficiency are the notable features of these two products.
Ingot mold

Sometimes you may need to make certain metals into a distinct shape. For that, you need various kinds of tools. You require a particular type of accessory to create the form among those tools. The supplement is a mold. So, you can use the mold to develop metal ingots. Furthermore, the molds come in various sizes. Usually, bars carry a standard size, so you will see that most of the molds are almost the same shape.

Our team considered every essential element and examined some of the best molds. If you are searching for a lead ingot mold or a cast iron ingot mold, then you are in the right place. 

5 Best Ingot Molds Reviews

100 Oz Cast Iron Ingot Mold For Melting Silver, Aluminum, Copper & Gold

Cast Iron Ingot Mold

This 100 oz capacity cast iron ingot mold allows you to create the biggest ingot you can. Furthermore, the vast ability is not the only notable feature. It’s durable too. 


Ingot mold for gold: The ingot mold is very compatible with gold. It can handle molten gold with ease. So, there are no traces of holes and other similar damages when you use it for gold.

Ingot mold for aluminum: Flexibility is another great feature of this mold. You can use it for creating an aluminum bar as well. Hence, you make aluminum bars without obstacles.

Ingot mold for copper: Copper is the most common metal for creating bars. The 100 oz cast can easily support copper metal. It’s well suited for this specific metal element.

Better handle: Easily hold the cast as the handle is very durable. The handle does not fall off quickly as the fine materials of the handle ensure that it is tight.

Vast: The most eye-catching aspect of the cast is it carrying capacity. Due to the 100 oz capacity, you can easily create more enormous ingots.  


  • You can create more oversized bars
  • It supports multiple metal types
  • The handle of the cast is firm


  • The only downside of this cast is sometimes the ingots stick inside.

Lyman Lead Ingot Mold

Lyman lead ingot mold

Lyman brings you the best quality lead ingot mold using the latest technology. Currently, the Lyman mold is a popular choice for scraping leads. 

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Better scraping: Scraping gets much easier with this mold. Besides making molds, you can use this to scrape lead as well. It can do scraping very efficiently. So, you can pull out our bar more quickly.

Good cleaner: After a molding session, there are remaining in the furnace. You must clear that so you can use it again. The Lyman mold also allows you to use the mold for cleaning purposes.

Easy ejection: The sides of the cast have a draft that measures 30 degrees. Due to this angle, it becomes easier to eject the molten metal. Using this also increases your work productivity.

Multiple capacities: It can create up to four bars at a time. Sacrificing the ingot size instead increases the amount you can make. At a time, you can create various bars of lead or other metals effortlessly. 


  • You can create four nuggets at a time.
  • The ejection is relatively smooth.
  • It is better at scraping lead.


  • Our team sifted through the cast and found out that the handle can sometimes get uncomfortable.

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RCBS Ingot Mold

RCBS ingot mold

The RCBS mold originates from the best-grade materials. As it comes from the best materials, it lasts a very long time. Besides better longevity, this cast iron ingot mold handles heat well.


Good handle: The cast is easy to grasp because of the rigid handle. The delicate materials used in the handle ensure that it does not slide off easily.

Intelligent scraping: With this mold, scraping becomes a lot simpler. You may use this to scrape lead as well as make molds. It is capable of grinding with excellent efficiency.

Reloading: The casting tool is also better for hunting bullets. By using the molds, you can create ammo that you can use for your rifles. As a result, this cast is very versatile.

Highquality: The mold has suitable quality materials. For that, it is very tough. The toughness of the mold ensures that it can handle the heat. As it can take heat well, no holes appear in the cast.


  • It can create four bars per session
  • The material of the cast is very high quality
  • You can use it for creating bullets


  • Our team encountered an issue where the metals stuck to the bottom of the mold.

Lee Precision Ingot Mold

Lee ingot mold

Currently, the aluminum ingot mold is a very demanding tool. Among others, the Lee ingot mold is a notable one. It can support various ingot sizes at a time. The unique ingot size support makes it adaptable.


Various sizes: The mold carries a capacity for four ingots. Two of them support half a pound, and the other two support one pound.  So, you can create small bars and large bars without obstacles.

Rustproof: The mold has an aluminum coating. So, this sure coating prevents any rust formation.  You won’t have to worry about the mold getting excessive rust.

Sturdy handle: The cast is simple to grab because of the sturdy handle. The delicate materials utilized in the handle prevent it from readily slipping off.  The handling is also tight.

Fine quality: The mold is made of high-quality materials. It is long-lasting in this regard. The mold’s hardness guarantees that it can withstand the heat. No holes emerge in the cast since it can withstand high temperatures.


  • It can handle heat well
  • Due to the aluminum coating, the mold is rustproof.
  • It supports multiple ingot sizes.


  • Despite the two different ingot size support, their sizes are still smaller.

Graphite Ingot Mould For Silver, Aluminum, Metal & Copper Brass

Graphite ingot mold

If you search for a mold that can handle various materials, this crucible mold falls into those criteria. Graphite ingot mould will be great choice, if you look for long-term use and a smooth experience.

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Versatile: The following mold is excellent if you require ingot molds for metal. Asides from metal, you can experiment with other non-metals; this is what makes it very versatile.

Reliable: The principal material of this mold is graphite. It ensures that it does not temper the metal purity of the element you are melting during the melting process. So, it keeps the content pure.

Better conductivity: As it originates from graphite, the mold does lovely work at conductivity. It can withstand up to two thousand degrees Celsius. So, this high-temperature handle proves it better conductivity.

Giant: The cast’s carrying capacity is its most striking feature. Because of the 1 kg capacity, you can easily make more enormous ingots. Due to this, it allows you to adapt to various scenarios.


  • The thermal conductivity of this cast is excellent
  • Due to graphite, the molten metal you keep remains pure
  • The mold can carry out more comprehensive applications


  • After deep analysis by our experts, we found out that the walls are thin.

Buyer Guides

We created a complete buying guide for the ones who require it. So, this guide is the best if you are just starting to make molds. It will help you to find the best ingot casting mold.  

Size: Choosing the right size is very crucial. Firstly, you need to know how big you need your ingots. After that, you must get a mold that can create the size you desire. You will easily find large ingot mold in the stores.

They come in various sizes; one hundred ounces, 50 ounces, and many more. Determining on the size you desire, choose that appropriate mold. We recommend you plan if you want to purchase this accessory.

Conductivity: Another aspect you must ponder upon is conductivity. Conductivity refers to how much heat your cast can handle. The heavier the metal, the more heating it needs. So, make sure to check the material and how much temperature it can withhold.

If you don’t check it, you might get holes in the cast if you decide to melt heavier metals like gold. Hence, you must check the conductivity rate of the tool.

Durability: The better the material, the longer the lifetime of the mold. In the case of molds, it is essential to find out their durability. If it’s not durable enough, it can get holes and rusts frequently. You don’t want that, and for that, you must check the materials.

It can last a very long time if it comes from A-grade materials. Furthermore, it won’t receive rust more often too. The aluminum coating usually prevents rust formation. So, check that carefully.

Budget: Setting the correct budget is always essential before buying any sort of product. Considering the features you want, fix a budget that will get you those certain features you desire. 

In the case of molds, they are not very expensive. You can get a good quality mold in just 20 dollars or even less. So, the budget range is deficient. Again, don’t get the very cheap ones. It may ruin your metal purity and may not be safe for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an ingot mold?

Ingot mold is an item that helps cast various metals like copper, lead, aluminum, zinc, and many more into different sizes and shapes that you can use for processing.

Q: How to use an ingot mold?

It is relatively easy to use an ingot mold. The process is not tedious at all. Firstly, keep the correct tools with you. Make sure to lubricate the mold afterward, use safety equipment and create the ingot shape you want.

Q: What is the temperature ratings of ingot mold?

People will use the ingot mold to create bars of different metals; it needs to have a higher temperature rating, which is usually in the range of 950–1250°C. 

Q: What are the available dimensions of ingot mold?

There are different dimensions available depending on what the users want. The most common ones are 22.25″ in length x 5″ in width and x 3.5″ in depth.

Q: How to bring out ingot from the mold?

An essential process is bringing out the ingot from the mold. If you lubricate it from beforehand, it is simple to bring out. You must pry it out or by scraping it. 

Bottom Line

The ingot mold is crucial if you want to make pure metal bars. Without it, you can’t create any types of ingots. You must get it to start a productive work session. You will find various of them in the market. You can also check out this article and get one yourself.

Our team considered various elements, and after testing multiple products, we wrote this article for you. We reviewed the best lead mold to acquire it for making metal bars. We also provided a helpful guide that will lead you to the best ingot mold if you are new to this.