Best Dog Grooming Scissors for Perfect Pet Care

Pet Sizor Reviews

Owning a pet is a complete delight but with great happiness comes significant responsibilities. As dog or cat owners, it’s essential to take care of these cuties. Maintaining their fur and nails is also a part of it. Talking to a pet groomer might be an easy options but also an expensive one too. Plus, pet claws, especially cat claws, can cause injury to your face or body.

For maintaining their health, it’s also essential to keep the nails. Professional or newbie, this article will surely help you to find a good pair of grooming kits.  Also, if your pet’s nail is curling is back, it’s a significant sign that it needs nail cutting.

Gimars and Andis have had the best sets of grooming kits for a long time. But with the current time, there have been updates and many manufacturers coming up with kits for easy groom. So, we tested out many products and chose the five best ones in our pet sizor reviews below.

What to see before buying a Dog Grooming Scissor?

Know the basics

Before you rush to buy a pair of scissors, please consider if you are trained or not. Many people do the grooming of their pet homes without knowing the basics of animals. Ultimately it results in hurting their pets and sometimes causes excellent injury. So, it is great to train under any licensed groomer.


Professionals already do this step quite often. But with new types of breeds or animals, it’s always important to practice. Sometimes dogs or cats have tangles on their fur. So, users should be aware of the conditions of their pet before grooming. For instance, pets can get scared while their claws are clipped.


Finally, the important thing is to maintain you’re grooming set. You’re grooming scissors need cleaning and oiling twice a week.  If you don’t, these will die out fast and cause corrosion. Try out the scissor how it feels to your hands and your body. That way, you’ll understand if it’s suitable for your pet or not. Moreover, unclean scissors can cause diseases to your pet and increase hand & back problems for you. Go for a lightweight German or Japanese steel blade scissor if you can for the long run.

Check out the five scissor sets we’ve reviewed below to find the best one for you:

Five Best Dog Grooming Scissors Reviews

Gimars 4CR Grooming Dog Grooming Scissors 

pet sizor reviews


First, we bring you one of the famous brands that are Gimars. Most dog groomers love Gimars 4CR Stainless Steel Safety Round Tip 6 in 1 Dog Grooming Scissors for its quality. It has a sharpness that makes it easy for users to shape pets furs and clean them out.

Highlighted features:


As this scissor kit is from 4CR stainless steel, it’s safe to say Gimars 4CR Grooming Pet sizor will run for a long time. Pets will not be afraid of this. Instead, they will enjoy the cutting process. Honestly, round tips of the scissor make sure that your pet doesn’t get hurt. Manufacturers claim that it won’t become rusty and are heavy duty.


Pets that are 6.5 inches long and have 3.5-inch width are suitable. Also, the kit will not be perplexed by this; in step will appreciate the cutting handle. Truly, circular tips of the scissor make it beyond any doubt that your pet doesn’t get harmed.


  • Overall dimension is 6.5 inches height x 3.5-inch width
  • Round tips for safety measures
  • Easy to Groom
  • Rustproof and made from stainless steel
  • Very sharp blade


  • Some users don’t like the sharpness of the scissor.


Fengliren Laser Cutting Dog Grooming Scissors

cat sizor


Are you tired of adjusting your pet scissors? Then switch to Fengliren Laser Cutting High-end Quality Professional Barber Hair Scissors for easy grooming. Handle the scissors as you like without hurting your pet.

Highlighted features:

Chosen by technician

There are no two same kinds of Fengliren scissor all over the. Manufactures have hired technical to individual pick and every scissor. Also, these scissors need 179 procedures before getting finalized. Most scissors have a high level of hardness and also durability.  Each of these has tightness and oil moistening appropriately. Also, it is excellent for human beard-cutting.

Screw technology

If you’re wondering, then this scissor is made from one hundred percent stainless steel. Overall, the height of the scissor is 6.5 inches. Most scissors have an elevated level of hardness and conjoint strength. Each of these has snugness and oil soaking done legitimately. Moreover, the screw technology of this successor makes any kind of laser cutting.


  • Due to precise blade grooming is quickly and simple
  • No pressure and stinginess on hands
  • The prior polishing process makes it glossy in the light
  • Alloy technology keeps the hardness of the scissor
  • It might last up to five to seven-plus years
  • Great for shaping human hair and also cat fur


  • Expensive


Casfuy Pet Grooming Scissor Nail Grinder

pet sizor nail grinder


Pets always tend to be scared of nail grinding. Often, it’s to the fact that most grinders cause excessive noise and scar them. So, this petsizor nail grinder is an excellent grinder with its multiple setting and low noise vibration.

Highlighted features:

Speed switcher

A diamond drum grinder makes sure easy and comfortable claw grinding. Most casts tend to stay clumsy, and so do dogs. The design makes sure you can do painless grooming so that your dog doesn’t get hurt. Moreover, you can switch to a two-speed switch to do a heavy kind of grinding. Each of these grinders includes a battery that lasts for two hours.

Whisper quiet technology

Casfuy has included three grinding ports to match the size of the pet. Most pets tend to remain clumsy, and so do pooches. The plan makes it easy preparation so that your dog doesn’t get harmed. Low noise goes as low as 50 DB by the Whisper quiet technology.


  • Delivers safe claw grinding by diamond drum grinder
  • Two-speed adjustment to support heavy or low grinding
  • Three ports according to pet size
  • Rechargeable & portable
  • Whisper-quiet technology makes low noise


  • It doesn’t come with a charger


Andis 22690 EasyClip Pro-Animal Blade Clipper Kit

cat sizor nail grinder


Chow Chow and dogs living in colder areas tend to have thicker fur coats on their body. Any regular clipper won’t cut as you want. Andis 22690 EasyClip Pro-Animal Blade Clipper Kit is one of the best for low vibration and cutting long thick coats.

Highlighted features:

Detachable blade

One of the things pets hate is noise during grooming. Most times, pets throw tantrums because of the noise and uncomfortable. Even if your dog has heavy fur, the extra motor clip helps adjust according to the coat. You’ll also receive twelve heavy-duty cords along with this fantastic trimmer. Also, it is break-resistant and easy to detach.

Ultra edge

The kit has a hard case and four different combs. Most times, pets toss fits since of the commotion and uncomfortable. Indeed, if your puppy has overwhelming hide at that point, the additional engine clip makes a difference to alter concurring to hide. You’ll moreover get twelve overwhelming obligation ropes at the side of this great trimmer. The chrome finish blade gives a sleek finish.


  • Creates low noise & vibration
  • Detachable rotating clipper included
  • Chrome finished ceramic blade stays sharp
  • Break-resistant
  • Four attached combs sizes starting from 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″.


  • Some users don’t find this easy to use.


HANSPROU Dog Shaver Clippers

Best Pet Sizor


Our last pick is none other than HANSPROU Dog Shaver Clippers. It has a strong motor and runs up to eight hours and you can tip easily. Moreover, its handling is much easier than you can imagine. Also, the R-shaped design cuts from every angle without hurting the pet’s skin.

Highlighted features:

Longlasting battery

HANSPROU has a solid titanium body that won’t break easily. If compared with regular blade bodies, this works way better. Also, its 35-tooth cutter heads are sharp seven safe.  Moreover, the motor size is 7000 RPM Large. The rounded tip makes sure your pet doesn’t get hurt.  There’s a one-button operation that is very simple to use.


Pet clippers tend to make much sound, but the ultra-quiet technology of HANSPROU makes it gone. It incorporates an excellent titanium body that won’t break effortlessly. If compared with standard edge bodies, this works better. Also, manufacturers offer a two-year warranty.


  • It runs up to 8 hours
  • Includes a 7000RPM Large Motor
  • Ultra-quiet design makes only 50 DB sound
  • Comes with 2-Year Warranty
  • It consists of 4 combs and five levels of shift


  • Not suitable for Poodle or Labradoodle


Buying Guide

Professional groomers already know their A-game with grooming, but the problem occurs with beginners. Here are some guidelines if you are looking for suitable grooming set for your pet:


First, look out for a great match of blades that are from steel. So, ultimately it can be more robust. These exclusive sorts will moreover remain sharp and can, as a rule, be good enough to amplify their shell life. Japan tends to make the best blade and so check out the blade’s quality before buying. Most scissors or clippers get corrosion very quickly. Most groomers prefer sharp and steady steel as the core material. But don’t worry; these will not be harmful as these have rounded tips. Professionals and newbie’s should have a full toolbox complete with them before starting.

Pet size

Professionals tend to use half and seven to eight inches scissors to get a finish. But if you are not okay with considerable chops, then go to medium sizes like Fengliren Laser Cutting High-end Quality Professional Barber Hair Scissors. Small scissors like these are good for hand balance and control. It won’t stress your hand but allow you the freedom to go as you like. We recommend practicing scissors before buying one. A smoother finish needs smooth practice. Start with a German trimmer and then go up to more. Bigger or smaller, we recommend getting a kit like HANSPROU Dog Shaver Clippers.

Straight or curved

You’ll notice there are types of scissors. Straight ones are popular for good reasons. For bulk and fluffy pets, these are effective. Chow Chows will do great with it. Teddy bear-shaped dogs tend to go well with it. Blender scissors are great for shaping the chest area. For soft definition, go for curved scissors or trimmer. But for blending and volume, toolbox complete, you need lines and staring scissors.

Frequently Asked Questions

●   How do you use Pet scissor?

Most Pet Scissor grinder comes with an on or off switch. To start you simply have to turn on the “ON” switch to start working. Then clean out the paw nails of your pet.

●   Is pet scissor legit?

Undoubtedly, pet scissor is legit and trustworthy. Pet scissor has a good reputation for making the best quality pet nail grinders.

●   Do nail grinders work for cats?

Cats might get clumsy while cutting their nails. So, nail grinders are fantastic for these fluffy pets. Make sure to regularly trim these nails to avoid injury.

●   What is the best dog nail grinder?

Casfuy Petsizor Nail Grinder & Andis 22690 EasyClip Pro-Animal Blade Clipper Kit are two trim these nails to avoid injury regularly best dog nail grinder out on the market. To know more, check our detailed review above.

●   Are nail grinders safe for cats?

Yes, as long as you’re careful, nail grinders are safe for cats.

Bottom line

Along with nail grinders, we’ve reviewed some dog grooming scissors and kits to help you out. So, if you only want a grinder, go for HANSPROU Dog Shaver Clippers or Casey Pet grooming scissor Nail Grinder. But for a complete kit experience, you might want to get HANSPROU Dog Shaver Clippers. Users looking for a cheap option can choose Fengliren Laser Cutting Cat scissor as it’s great for both dog and cat.